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6:51 PM
November 1st, 2011

Admit it.
There was a moment when you, -if you are not a natural ginger-, didn’t like the idea of having red hair, because you followed the tale, and the claim in South Park that "gingers have no soul". Admit it.

But then, you watched Doctor Who, and 10th complained about not being ginger.

And then Donna Noble came in and she was amazing, and ginger. 

Then 10th regenerated and we cried, but no time for sobs because in came 11th and he was running around, complaining that he was not yet ginger.

And then Amy Pond came in, a flaring red headed ginger.

And now, you love gingers. You’re thinking about, or have thought about, dying your hair red to be like Noble or Pond, or to make The Doctor jealous cause you’re now ginger.
And even if the thought has come and gone, you STILL are considering it cause you’re a Whovian.

Admit it. 
- (p-t-d-t) 

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    Nope nope NO. I’ve wanted to be ginger since fucking birth, man. That’s possibly the only reason Ariel was my favourite...
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